What Is Drill Music?

Drill music is one of the teen famous music forms, also it seems majorly a version of hip-hop music. Today, drill music has a greater fan base as it strikes exactly with the youth’s thoughts. 

You might have known drill music for a longer time and haven’t recognised it. Drill music isn’t a piece of mainstream music like other music forms. But due to its increasing fan base, you can now easily find numerous drill music songs hidden in your playlist. 

Read the complete article to know more about drill music, its definitions, origins, best music and musicians, its national and international form and much more in the article. I’m sure you don’t want to miss all these details. 

Drill Music: Definition

To know more about what drill music is, you should know its definition. Drill music is a form of music that has harsh and violent content in it its lyrics. It acts as trap music in the subgenre of hip-hop music. 

What Is Drill Music?

It is highly influenced by dark content and violent words, in fact, the word drill itself is a harsh word that resembles the meaning of automatic weapons. Drill music can be only distinguished based on its lyrics and dances. It doesn’t come with any convection rule, but you can relate to it quickly after understanding its tone. 

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Where Did Drill Music Start? 

You might be asking where did drill music start? Well, the origin of drill music is from the southern part of Chicago. People from the cities around the southern region can get it easily. 

Most of the parts of drill music come from the Dro city, and the Woodlawn Neighborhood as most of the gang activities are done in these regions. You’ll find the origins of drill music from Chicago regions that are highly influential. One can never identify drill music if he/she is unaware of the characteristics of drill music. 

Characteristics Of Drill Music

Drill music has three important characteristics that make it a piece of drill music. 

  • Lyrics of the drill music:- Drill music has a lot of influential lyric notes. The nature of the music in the drill is violent, harsh and ruthless lyrics. The lyrics represent the harsh conditions of the people around the state and the slang language used in the lyrics sends the listeners realistic vibes. The artistic element of the drill music is that they swap the words and create a straightforward approach to the topics like death, drugs, murderers etc. 
  • Tone and productions:- Most of the drill music has a tone of drum beating machines and you’ll hear the production of 60 to 70 beats per minute music. It works the same as trap music and adheres to bringing catchy, crisp tones with varied sounds. Using the beats and tone of different hertz, there are certain types of drill music; of which the Chicago drill music stands the best. 
  • The flow of the drill music:- Inspired by the aspects of the environment of southern Chicago and the Woodlawn Neighborhood, the flow of the drill music highly passes emotional and violent emotions. The flow of the music deals with the monotone of the local street artist. The flow of the music also includes automatic autotune devices. 

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Top 10 Examples Of Drill Music 

Here is the list of the top 10 trending drill music. Add these to your playlist right now. 

  1. “Welcome to the Party” – Pop Smoke.
  2. “Know Better” – Headie One and RV.
  3. “Crazy Story” – King Von.
  4. “Big Drip” – Fivio Foreign.
  5. “Suburban” – 22gz.
  6. “No Suburban” – Sheff G.
  7. “Dior” – Pop Smoke.
  8. “New Apolos” – Smoove’L.
  9. “Deep End Freestyle”- Sleepy Hallow
  10. “Treeshin” – Rah Swish

Top Drill Musicians Of The Time 

Here’s a list of the top drill musicians that you must definitely listen to. 

  1. Pop Smoke
  2. Chief Keef
  3. Lil Durk
  4. King Louie
  5. Lil Bibby
  6. G Herbo
  7. Fredo Santana
  8. Lil Reese
  9. Headie One
  10. Nicki Minaj

International Drill Music Characteristics

While Chicago drill music still stands as the best, there are certain international forms of drill music that you should know. The most popular ones are Brooklyn drill music and UK drill music.

They have their own distinctive characteristics as well. They both use expression to communicate in the music, you’ll find very less use of autotune devices, unlike Chicago music. 

What Is Drill Music?

Besides the topics of drugs, violence and deaths, Brooklyn drill and UK drill music lots for more topics to put lyrics. They use rapping and creating music which may necessarily not include dark content. 

Frequently Asked Questions. 

1. Why do they call it drill music?

Drill music originated as the voice of the people who suffered the violence in southern Chicago. Drill music uses a slang language where drill” means to fight and thus it signifies its origin. 

2. What does drill stand for music?

The drill used in the drill music shows the use of slang language representing the use of the automatic weapons used to continue the violence and dark content of Chicago. 

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