All In One Guide: What Does EP Stand For In Music?

EP or an Extended Play record is an album containing more than a single.

Do you want to know how to produce an EP? You’ve arrived at the correct place!Recording a full LP or Long Play may be expensive and time-consuming for indie performers with limited resources.

That is why many musicians, especially those just starting out in the music industry, start by releasing EPs. So, what exactly is an EP in the context of music?

Continue reading to find out!

What Is An EP?

An EP is a medium-length record with fewer tracks than an LP or full-length album, often containing 4 to 6 songs. This description deviates significantly from the original, so what does EP represent in music?

EP stands for Extended Play Record in the twentieth century. It was a type of vinyl record that was played at a slower tempo than conventional play records (SPs and LPs). The distinction between an EP and an LP is that an LP is ‘Long Playing’ and often contains more than 8 tracks. As previously stated, an EP has 4-6 tracks.

A few factors must be considered if you want to effectively record an EP and have it seen by the correct people. Let’s get started!

How Many Songs Are On An EP?

EPs should have four to six tracks. iTunes and Spotify consider something to be an EP if it includes 4-6 tracks.

If you’re not sure whether to go with 4 or 6, consider your musical style and the goal of the EP. If you want to send it to record labels, you will most likely want more so they can get a sense of your style. You want to demonstrate that you have a nice selection of decent tunes.

If your goal is to give it out for marketing, you should include significantly less. You don’t want to give away too many songs because this isn’t an album. Your album will consist of additional tracks and will be the next step in which people may invest in you.

You want to make something that people will listen to a few times and then want to buy the entire album off!

It shouldn’t be so brief that people don’t get a sense of what you’re about. You want to demonstrate that you can perform more than one or two terrific tracks, so don’t scrimp on the value you provide.

Essentially, don’t have so many tracks that you’re giving away too much information. But not so few that they don’t have enough to engage to.

What Are The Maximum And Minimum Track Lengths?

Songs should generally be between 2 and 3 and a half minutes long.

Because an EP is only a sample of your music, you should always attempt to keep it as brief as possible. Again, this varies greatly depending on the genre. Longer tracks are more common in genres such as Progressive Rock. So having 6 and 8-minute tracks aren’t as out of the ordinary. 

To make the song memorable, you should highlight all of the elements and the hook early on.

EPs are defined by iTunes and Spotify as being less than 30 minutes in length. If your EP is longer than 30 minutes, iTunes and Spotify will not recognize it as an EP!

How Do You Promote Your First EP?

Continue reading to learn about some of the greatest release techniques and how to promote your EP both before and after it is released!

How To Release An EP Independently?

Make sure you have a release schedule for your EP.

Nowadays, it’s critical to distribute your EP through as many web platforms as you can afford. BandCamp, ReverbNation, SoundCloud, and other similar services are examples. While you’re at it, double-check that all of your Metadata is correct. For example, if your name is misspelled, you may not be paid royalties!

Make sure to publicize it on social media. You may also organize a release party because releasing music is something to be proud of! Furthermore, everyone enjoys attending parties, and if your EP is the focal point of the event, it will capture the attention of all attendees.

Do’s & Don’t

Ready for some tips on what to do and what not to do with your EP? Hop on!

1. Tip- Include the word “EP” in the title.

Put ‘- EP’ in the title. If iTunes thinks your release is an EP but doesn’t include the word “EP” in the title, it will automatically add it!

Maintaining consistency is also crucial, so doing this yourself across all streaming platforms makes sense. It also informs your readers about what to expect when they click on it.

2. Tip- To Add Or Not To Add A Remix?

It’s generally a good idea to exhibit the best aspect of yourself initially when attempting to get someone’s attention.

Things are no different when it comes to making an EP. We mean, you can play tunes you believe people will enjoy, but how can you be sure?

One option is to remix one of your most successful songs and use it as the opening track on your EP. If you already know that listeners appreciate the song’s words, why not utilize the same lyrics but over a new background track?

You may either utilize the same voice file or, better yet, re-record the vocals to match that specific track. You may even utilize your popular background track and record with entirely new vocals for it. However, remixing one of your songs may not be the greatest decision depending on your style.

You may also check out worldwide musicians marketplace for re-mixers and producers!

3. Tip- Diversify The Album Content With Interludes

Interludes are short filler songs. It may make the record flow smoothly, whether it’s an instrumental passage or a dialogue between band members.

It may be a fantastic approach to give your followers a sense of your personality. Depending on your musical style, you may employ interludes in a variety of ways. For instance, if you are a melodious and soothing performer, you may include an A Capella piece to highlight your voice.

If you’re a rapper, you may do a fast freestyle or engage in a humorous dialogue with a pal.

While interludes are not required, they can improve how listeners perceive your song. Make your music come alive!

4. Tip- Create An EP Cover

Whether you make a physical CD or not, you should always include a cover.

Along with your standard contact information, you should write a brief letter on this cover urging individuals to accomplish what you want to be done (Sign up to your list, share your CD, etc.).

Artwork is crucial to every release. You may start by joining and creating a project to receive proposals from top-tier designers who are matched to your budget and criteria.

5. Tip- Call To Action Is Important

By calls for action, we mean attempting to persuade others to do what you want them to do.

This is frequently what gives them worth. You’ve created an EP to achieve a goal, whether to boost your music’s exposure or generate money and develop fan devotion. Whatever your goal is and what you want your listeners to do next, you must inform them!

Assume, for example, that you intend to distribute your EP for free. You want to spread the word about your music. And you want folks to join up for your mailing list.

Lastly, these are not the only tips on EP. The internet has a lot more to follow which may even seem very crucial to you. You must always remember to consider your style & purpose before blindly following all tips.

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