Is Piano A String Instrument? (Answered)

A piano is a both percussion and string instrument. It is classified by many renowned musicians and by people having neck deep knowledge about music and musical instruments, call it a string instrument. The major types of musical instruments are percussion instruments, string instruments and wind instruments.

A piano consists of many parts that play different vital roles and hence it becomes difficult to differentiate it as only a string instrument. Unlike other string instruments, the strings of the piano are hidden inside a closed panel. 

Let’s understand what a string instrument basically means. As the name suggests itself, string instruments or chordophones are the musical instruments that produce musical sounds when the strings or chiefs of the instrument vibrate, leading to sound production. 

Is Piano a string instrument

Why Do People Think It’s A String Instrument?

The piano is formed by an intricate arrangement of the many strings that are fixed in the back panel of the piano. When the keys of the piano are hit by the person, a small hammer joined to the keys hits the strings and vibrations are created. 

People mostly believe that the piano is a stringed instrument because to get an accurate sound of each key, the strings of the piano are tightened, loosened or adjusted accordingly. If the strings of the piano are considered aa the ground reason for the music production, then the piano can be considered a string instrument. 

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What Are String Instruments?

String instruments are played using the strings they have on the instrument. Some instruments have few countable strings while some instruments have hundreds of chord arrangements in them. 

The instruments are played directly by hand, or by using a plectrum. Some string instruments need hitting by a small wooden hammer while some are played by rubbing a soft bow on the chords of the instrument. 

Some examples of string instruments are electric bass, violin, cello, mandolin, viola, ukulele, guitar, double bass, banjo, harp and maybe piano too is a string instrument.

Why Do People Think It’s A Percussion Instrument?

While some believe a piano is a string instrument, some even think of it as a percussion instrument. First of all, let’s know what a percussion instrument means. Percussion instruments make sounds when the person hits, scrapes or shake the instrument. Percussion instruments produce sound only when the person applies his force on them. 

Few examples of percussion instruments are clappers, tambourine, gongs, drums, bass drums, xylophone, triangles, timpani, cymbals, bells, snare, bass drums, rattles, castanets, tenor drum, marching cymbals, snare cymbals, tambourine, maracas, gongs etc. 

The pianist can only play the piano if he hits the keys on the keyboard of the piano. Unless he touches the piano, no sound can be produced. Due to this, it is said as a piano is a percussion instrument. 

Is Piano a string instrument

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Is A piano A String Or A Percussion Instrument – The Verdict

The final verdict is, that a piano can be both percussion and string instrument.The only way to play the piano is by hitting its keys which makes the piano a percussion instrument. The piano has many other parts like the chordophone, organ, strings, harpsichord, and hammer attached to the keys. All these parts specifically work under different forms. 

A piano is designed from the reference of hammered dulcimers, which are very closed to the instruments of the percussion family. Since no music can be heard without hitting the keys of the piano, it can be boldly stated as a percussion instrument. The fact that the vibrated strings produce the sound can be considered, but only after the hitting of keys. 

We hope the following article has helped you to know the difference between string instruments and percussion instruments. The debate of whether a piano is a string instrument or not can continue for a longer period. All the answer depends on which part of the piano is taken into consideration. 

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